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Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance for Domestic & Commercial Systems

Did you know that your Solar Power System could be losing up to 40% of its efficiency from dirt? Yes, dirty panels are up to 40% less efficient and that means hundreds of dollars a year wasted. Contact Solar Sams for a Residential Solar Panel Maintenance, system cleaning and free system check which includes a Anti Island Safety test.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Warranty

As an owner of a domestic solar system or a commercial solar system, you have obligations under Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code to regularly check and maintain your system. A copy of the code can be found at with information about solar (P.V) systems specifically detailed under section 7 you may also void the warranty of your solar panels if they are not maintained so take out the stress and worry of having to regularly check and maintain your investment call Solar Sam for professional solar panel maintenance, quality system cleaning and free system check which includes a Anti Island Safety test.

Stay clean and continue being green!

We only use environmentally friendly system cleaning substances, we use a mixture of bio-degradable washing liquids that leave NO residue build up. We use Ettore cleaning supplies. Ettore is a world renowned cleaning supplier, known for their incredibly clean and effective products that have been around for over 70 years. All our workers are qualified renewable energy specialist having studied at one of only few institutes that offer the knowledge we practice. There is no job to big or small for Solar Sam, so call or e-mail the experts today for maintenance and start saving!

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