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Quickly find out in a few easy steps how much your new Solar Power System will cost.

Our “Solar Tool’ has been created to assist you in understanding what Solar Power Systems will best suit your home.

Simply fill in the ‘Quick Quote’ below and click SUBMIT. It should take you no longer than 2 minutes to complete.

If you wish to discuss solar power costs personally, feel free to call us 7 days per week on 1300 076 667

Roof Type:

House Type:

Roof Design:

Is a payment plan required?

Would you like your solar to feed back to the grid?

Would you like battery storage?

How many people are in your home or business?

Are you upgrading an existing Solar Power System?

Which direction does your roof face?

Is your system for residential or commercial use?

Is your power single phase or three phase?

What described your power bill?






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