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Why Solar?

Compared to 10 years ago solar power is a normal part of households throughout Victoria. Many people have yet to had made the switch which brings is to one of the most common questions, Why Solar? What are the real advantages and disadvantageous?

Well besides have a flow of uninterrupted electrical power supply to run all the appliances, lights and machines in your home, the most common reason people make the switch to solar is for the saving, but there is more to consider.

Basic electricity or solar power is generated by installing solar panel setup on the roof of your house, unit or building.

The solar panels use the heat and light of the sun rays to generate electricity using a combination of solar panels, inverter, and even batteries for storage.

Reduce your power bills

Installing a solar setup could potentially allow you to get rid of the electricity suppliers bill if your system is sized correctly.

Electricity produced from the sun is free, that means you don’t have to pay electricity bills for the power usage from your own generated electricity by the solar setup on your rooftop.

Most solar systems also have the option to sell the surplus electricity back to the electricity supplier. The excess power is transferred to the National Energy Grid.

You power meter measures and compares the amount of electricity you draw from NEG with the amount of electricity that you transfer to NEG. The end result is that your power bills are reduced to a great extent.

Environmentally Friendly Solar

Lower your carbon footprint

Unlike Coal nothing burns to generate electricity using solar panels because it uses heat and light energy from the Sun to generate electricity. This means there is a zero carbon dioxide emission during production of the electricity.

Thus, solar setup will surely lower your carbon footprint and generate sustainable, renewable energy in an environment friendly way.

Increase the value of your property

Solar is a high end technology that not only powers your house but also increases the value of your property.

People are becoming aware of the advantages of having a solar setup and are willing to purchase a property that offers one. As per research a solar setup in optimum condition will add 5 to 10 percent to your properties resale value.

The disadvantages of solar energy

–  A solar installation needs adequate space. Installing a high capacity solar setup in a small house with inadequate roof space for placing the solar panels is always a very difficult task. The roof structure of the house should be capable to hold the entire solar setup. One solution Solar Sams has developed is sourcing higher output panels to get the same amount of power from 8 panel that would come from 10.

– Solar panels need optimum sunlight. Positioning of the house is very important. A homeowner who intends to install a solar setup should never be overshadowed by its neighborhood. There should be enough space for direct sunlight to reach the roof.

– The initial investment to install a solar setup.

– A solar setup depends on sunlight. The very feature makes it a seasonal affair. In a gloomy or rainy day or even in snowfall and at nights; basically anytime the sunlight is not reaching the solar cells the solar setup doesn’t generate electricity. Solar Sams utilise DC Optimiser technology to gain maximum output during these weather conditions.

Solar Sams has 19 years of experience of installing solar panels and solar systems throughout Melbourne, Victoria. We offer consultancy, installation and maintenance. Contact us today for any aspect related to solar and our team will come to your assistance on 1300 076 667  or for a great way to find out what your new solar system might cost try our Solar Costing Tool.

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